Summer Resources

Our prayer for you this summer is that you connect with other Christians and grow in your knowledge and understanding of God.  Here are some resources to help you get there:

The Bible – 

Pray. Ask God to meet you and speak to you through his Word

Read.  DC cru summer plan

       Try a summer goal of reading John, then 1 John and/or Luke, then Acts.  

Other Good Options – Ephesians, Romans, Titus, Proverbs, Psalms.

Read a chapter and ask these questions:

      • What does it say?  
      • What does it say about God’s character?
      • What does it say about His people?
      • What is the main point of this passage?
      • How do you see the Gospel in this passage?
      • What does it lead you to do?
      • How does it lead you to worship God?
      • How does it lead you to confess & repent of sin?
      • How does it comfort and encourage you?
      • How does it lead you to be bold and serve others?

Apply. Apply what you learn to your life today

Church – Find a local church and get involved.  If you have questions about how to chose the right church please contact us and we’d love to help:

Book List:

God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible – by Vaughan Roberts

The Ever-Loving Truth  &   Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors – by Voddie Baucham Jr.

Liberating Black Theology   &  Aliens in the Promised Land– by Dr. Anthony Bradley

The Reason for God    &   Counterfeit Gods – by Timothy Keller

Defiant Grace by Dane Ortlund

Websites & Blogs:


Matt Chandler |

Tim Keller |

Keith Battle |

John Piper |